For people with FCS, actually getting to a diagnosis can take a long time. Patients see on average five different specialists before they find one who understands FCS and can appropriately manage their care.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way
There are specific things that YOU can do to take control of your symptoms and find the right healthcare provider.

The first thing you can do is to organize your health records. If you have a history of abdominal pain, pancreatitis, or documented high triglycerides, be sure that you have this information handy with you when you speak to a healthcare provider, such as a Lipidologist. Documenting this type of information is critical. It provides important, relevant clues that your healthcare providers can act on.

Next, make sure you know where your health information is so it’s available when you need it. With the FCS CareBook, you can easily organize FCS educational materials, medical records, prescriptions, and more – putting information where you need it, for when you need it.

Explore what’s inside the FCS CareBook below. It’s available for free; order your FCS CareBook here.

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Tabbed Divider Pages

Laminated tabbed divider pages help patients (and caregivers) keep medical information organized by category – and includes inspirational quotes from people with FCS and caregivers.

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Medical History Templates and Trackers

Informative literature, templates, and trackers let people with FCS and caregivers document their personal medical history. Includes: What is FCS? information sheet, sample doctor letter, lipid and symptom trackers, an appointment log, and a medical history template.

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FCS Wallet Card

The FCS wallet card provides vital information for visits with physicians, or emergency personnel.

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FCS Emergency CareBook

The Emergency CareBook stores the most important medical history documents of people with FCS – and the translucent acrylic envelope allows healthcare providers to access them quickly during emergency situations.

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Get Your Free FCS CareBook

The complete FCS CareBook includes all the tools people with FCS and caregivers need to: organize important health records, prepare for visits with healthcare providers, and help keep important medical history located in one, easy to use location.


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