Genetic Counseling

How Can a Genetic Counselor Help Me?

Genetic counselors are specially-trained healthcare professionals. They can help patients:

  • Make decisions throughout the testing process
  • Prepare for their test by explaining what to expect
  • Understand their test results and test result implications for themselves and their families.

Talk to a genetic counselor for more information and consider including the test results in your FCS CareBook for future reference and discussion with your HCP. Go to for your free copy of the CareBook.

FCS Genetic Testing has partnered with GeneMatters to offer genetic test counseling services and for referrals to FCS specialists, if needed. Each counseling session is unique to the individual patient and may discuss the points below.

Before your test, a genetic counselor may discuss:

  • Why your HCP referred you for testing
  • Your medical and family history
  • Information about FCS
  • The risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing
  • The possible test result from genetic testing
  • A plan for how to get a genetic test and discuss the results
  • Concerns you may have about genetic testing

After your test, a genetic counselor may discuss:

  • The results of the genetic test, and what they mean for you
  • Some of the same information reviewed before the test
  • Your concerns and feelings you may have about your results
  • Any impact the test results have for you and your family
  • Resources, if you need more information
  • A plan based on your test results
  • How to talk about the test results with your family
  • Who else in your family may benefit from genetic testing

FCS Genetic Testing Program offers no-cost education on disease and genetic testing. Please call GeneMatters with any questions at +1 888.478.1494.