Is Genetic Testing Right for Me?

Genetic testing may be right for you if you have been clinically diagnosed with FCS, if you have either very high triglycerides, or if you have had pancreatitis multiple times. Should you have any questions related to FCS or the genetic testing process, please call GeneMatters at +1 888.478.1494.

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What Are the Benefits of Genetic Testing?

  • Helping patients find out if they have FCS
  • Finding the genetic cause of FCS for patients clinically diagnosed with FCS
  • Helping siblings find out if they could have FCS too
  • Guiding medical treatment by helping to make the right diagnosis

Things to Consider Before You Ask for a Genetic Test

Ask your healthcare provider to request no-cost genetic counseling when ordering the genetic test.

FCS Genetic Testing Program offers no-cost education on disease and genetic testing. Please call GeneMatters with any questions at +1 888.478.1494.