This year the FCS community celebrates FCS Awareness Day on November 5, 2021. But living with familial chylomicronemia syndrome isn’t a one day event – it’s a condition that people struggle with their entire life. Much like living with the condition on a daily basis, we believe FCS awareness should be more than a ‘one and done’ event.

So this year, we are celebrating the fourth annual FCS Awareness Day on a bigger scale. FCS Focus and Ionis Pharmaceuticals is excited to celebrate FCS awareness for the entire month of November. This month we will join the FCS community in raising our voices and celebrating the victories of people living with this condition – to help advocate for global FCS awareness, diagnosis, and understanding.

Make sure your voice is heard and your victories are shared with others who are looking for inspiration and hope. By following these steps to raise awareness we can help others better understand the burden of living with FCS.


By The Numbers

Meet Jeff – See How Hope Inspires Him

Ionis is proud to introduce you to Jeff, a person living with FCS. In this new video, Jeff talks about his health challenges, the benefits of getting a diagnosis, the strength he derives from his family, and the reality that not everyone with FCS receives a positive genetic confirmation. Watch how Jeff and his family live with FCS.

Expanding our Focus

This FCS Awareness Day we are announcing that Ionis is expanding its focus by kicking off a new program to meet the unique needs of people living with severe hypertriglyceridemia #sHTG.

3 Million People have hypertriglyceridemia High Tryglyceride Facts

Contact Ionis

Contact Ionis at [email protected] to learn how you can get involved in raising awareness of FCS and the serious impact of high triglycerides.

Thank you,
FCS Focus