The FCS Foundation has designated the first Friday in November to be FCS Awareness Day. And this year, we are celebrating our third annual FCS Awareness day on a global scale. FCS Focus is excited to celebrate this day and to help advocate for global FCS awareness, diagnosis, and understanding.

Make sure your voice is heard by following these steps to raise awareness and help others understand the burden of living with FCS.

Spread the word. Share this link with family, friends, and colleagues.

Hashtag your social media posts. Include #FCSAwarenessDay, #ActionFCS, and #livingwithfcs in your posts.

Plan to wear pink. The FCS Foundation chose the color pink to represent the lighter than normal color of blood when it has a high amount of fat in it. Plan to wear pink on November 6th.

Raising FCS awareness is an on-going initiative. Here are some other ways you can keep the conversation going.